Aleksey ALENIN
Алексей АЛЕНИН
Russia, 2010, 52mn 
Colour, documentary
Artem Borovik. On otchen toropilsya zhit
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Артем Боровик. Он очень торопился жить


 Artem Borovik. He Was in a Mighty Hurry to Live

 Artem Borovik. Il était très pressé de vivre.

Directed by : Aleksey ALENIN (Алексей АЛЕНИН)
Writing credits : Eteri LEVIEVA (Этери ЛЕВИЕВА), Anatoli YAROSHEVSKY (Анатолий ЯРОШЕВСКИЙ)
Cinematography : Yuri MIZYUK (Юрий МИЗЮК)
Produced by : Eteri LEVIEVA (Этери ЛЕВИЕВА)
Companies : Sovershenno sekretno-Telecom by request of “Pervyi kanal”

Plot synopsis
On 9 March 2000, the tragic news spread: “YaK-40” plane crashed down right after its take-off in Sheremetievo airport. Famous journalist Artem Borovik was on board. Eight more people died together with him. Artem Borovik, a person, who believed that a word can change a country and history, was not even 40 years old.
Authors of the film

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2012
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2010