Russia, 2010, 37mn 
Colour, black and white, documentary
tramvaynyy prospekt
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Трамвайный проспект


 Tram Avenue

 Boulevard du tramway

Directed by : Sofia GEVEYLER (София ГЕВЕЙЛЕР)
Cinematography : Ivan GOLUBKOV (Иван ГОЛУБКОВ)
Produced by : Sofia GEVEYLER (София ГЕВЕЙЛЕР)
Companies : VGIK

Awards :
Best Short Film International Art Documentary Film Festival "Artdocfest", Moscow (Russia), 2010

Plot synopsis
They are really quite good, the two young women who dance in close embrace, one of them Kate Winslet, the other Leo di Caprio. “Titanik” is written on a partition wall and the audience of “Babushki” are in tears, each with a baby in her arms. The house at Tramvayny prospect No. 15 in St. Petersburg is special: it’s a crisis centre for women called “Little Mother”. They are underage orphans themselves, but already mothers. And they have very different stories to tell – about their children’s fathers, the disappearance of their parents or about being a mother. They get to live here together for a year, in this oasis of a society deliberately (almost) without men, a unique opportunity in a Russia more or less devoid of real social institutions. They are supported and protected and prepared for life outside. They don’t have to earn money yet, but they all know how to do it. The film was made by a student of the Moscow VGIK, in precise black and white and with a rare instinct for filmmaking. From the ultrasonic images to the scattered poems (written by one of the young women) – everything comes together in an amazingly delicate whole. It gives you hope. BW
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Selected in the following festivals :
- Sputnik nad Polska, Warsaw (Poland), 2012
- Soirées du cinéma russe de Bordeaux, Bordeaux (France), 2011
- Russian Film Festival, London (United Kingdom), 2011
- International Leipzig Festival for documentary and animated film, Leipzig (Germany), 2010
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2010
- Short Film Festival "ARTkino", Moscow (Russia), 2010
- International Art Documentary Film Festival "Artdocfest", Moscow (Russia), 2010
- Message to Man : International Short, Documentary and Animated Film Festival, St Petersburg (Russia), 2010