Russia, 1997, 30mn 
Colour, documentary
Rodnaya storona
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Родная сторона


 Homeland / The Native Land

 Terre natale

Directed by : Yuri SCHILLER (Юрий ШИЛЛЕР)
Writing credits : Yuri SCHILLER (Юрий ШИЛЛЕР)
Cinematography : Igor TIRSKY (Игорь ТИРСКИЙ)
Companies : West Siberian Film Studio

Plot synopsis
The boy is already 12 years old but he has never been outside of his home village. The drama of a grown up life is unknown to him, but what is lying ahead... Nikolai is working in the field the whole day that’s why all other busy household chores are taken care of by his wife Luda and their two children, Pasha and Polina. Ordinary life of an ordinary village family.

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Documentary Film Festival "Flahertiana", Perm (Russia), 2012
- États généraux du film documentaire, Lussas (France), 2006