2009, 15mn 
Colour, documentary
Gordost bez predrassudkov ?
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Гордость без предрассудков ?


 Pride without Prejudice ?

 Fierté sans préjugés ?

Directed by : Ksenia UDODOVA (Ксения УДОДОВА)
Cinematography : Aleksey GYSHCHIN (Алексей ГЫЩИН)
Companies : Perm University
format : DVD

Plot synopsis
In every Russian town, young people can be found who are willing to fight either for the “purity” of the Russian nation or else against racial prejudice. Yet, both sides have something in common: the conviction that they are acting for the sake of their children’s future. They shy from nothing to further this goal – even if a high price is to be paid.

"The short film ‘Pride without Prejudice’ by Kseniya Udodova, which received an award from the Goethe Institute and as a result made its way to the West, confirms that this discussion is necessary. The young journalist dares to take a documentary approach and talks with fascist and antifascist skinheads in the provinces. Here, too, normal passersby have their say: they cannot be fascists, says one woman, this demonstration has received official permission. Such citizens find it incomprehensible that 65 years after the victory over fascism in Russia, Russian fascist groups can exist at all. Educational work is essential here."

Goethe Institute, 2010 :
"The jury unanimously decided that the best film was, without any doubt, Pride without Prejudice, written and directed by Ksenia Udodova. This film courageously treats a current, burning topic. The filmmaker managed to realize the concept she outlined in her treatment and to paint a realistic picture of rural Russia. In addition, it also manages, probably most importantly, to rattle its audience with a simple but important question, asked not in a primitive but in a very precise way: Aren’t the protagonists dangerously similar to the people who brought Adolf Hitler to power in the 1920s and 1930s? Maybe the whole thing is not as funny and harmless as it seems—that is the film’s painful main point. We need to acknowledge the filmmakers’ courage. One can imagine how difficult it must have been to get those images. Congratulations! "

Selected in the following festivals :
- Festival of Central and Eastern Film , Wiesbaden (Germany), 2010