Konstantin MAKSIMOV
Константин МАКСИМОВ
Konstantin MAKSIMOV
Russia, 2009, 90mn 
Colour, fiction
Zapreshchonnaya realnost
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Запрещенная реальность


 The Interceptor

 Réalité interdite / The Interceptor

Directed by : Konstantin MAKSIMOV (Константин МАКСИМОВ)
Writing credits : Vasili GOLOVACHEV (Василий ГОЛОВАЧЕВ), Konstantin MAKSIMOV (Константин МАКСИМОВ)
Aleksandr BALUEV (Александр БАЛУЕВ) ...Geogi Kurylo
Vasili GOLOVACHEV (Василий ГОЛОВАЧЕВ) ...general
Anna KHODYUSH (Анна ХОДЮШ) ...Kristina
Igor PETRENKO (Игорь ПЕТРЕНКО) ...Matvey Sobolev
Liubov TOLKALINA (Любовь ТОЛКАЛИНА) ...Polina
Vladimir VDOVICHENKOV (Владимир ВДОВИЧЕНКОВ) ...Gorshin
Cinematography : Yelena IVANOVA (Елена ИВАНОВА), Ulukbek KHAMRAYEV (Улукбек ХАМРАЕВ)
Music : Igor VDOVIN (Игорь ВДОВИН)
Produced by : Vasili GOLOVACHEV (Василий ГОЛОВАЧЕВ)
Companies : Rus Media, studio PS TVC
Film revenue in Russia : 1.88 million dollars
Release Date in Russia : 08/10/2009
Sites : Allociné, IMDb
VOD or DVD release in France : 2011-02-22, Site

Plot synopsis
«The Interceptor» - widespread creatively different movie. I like how the filmmaker Maximov managed to avoid unnecessary cruelty which considerably shows in modern cinema while the subject was intensive and dynamic. Surprisingly, that the books of Golovachev were not filmed before - fantastic action with philosophical basis is very cinematic. Initially we wanted to avoid a trend on a masculine audience, therefore a basis of the film is not in the battle stages, but in questions which are wondered by the protagonist. These questions are actual for each of us - whose side do I take with? Is it necessary to contest with an evil and injustice? I am thankful to Vasiliy Vasilievich Golovachev for experience on such project. Without doubts, Vasiliy Golovachev – a hard-shell man, rigid in defending of his own position, but it seems to me, that just due to it this picture succeeded».
Egor Konchalovsky – executive producer

Selected in the following festivals :
- VOD or DVD release in France of the film:, Different cities (France), 2011