Russia, 2009, 85mn 
Colour, TV fiction
Olimpius inferno
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Олимпиус инферно


 Olimpius inferno

 Olimpius inferno

Directed by : Igor VOLOSHIN (Игорь ВОЛОШИН)
Writing credits : Stanislav DOVZHIK (Станислав ДОВЖИК), Aleksey KUBLITSKY (Алексей КУБЛИЦКИЙ), Nikolay_3 POPOV (Николай_3 ПОПОВ), Denis RODIMIN (Денис РОДИМИН)
Genri DAVID (Генри ДЕВИД) ...Michael
Polina FILONENKO (Полина ФИЛОНЕНКО) ...Zhenya
Vadim TSALLATI (Вадим ЦАЛЛАТИ) ...Bakho
Cinematography : Igor GRINYAKIN (Игорь ГРИНЯКИН)
Production design : Anna LAZAREVA (Анна ЛАЗАРЕВА)
Music : Ivan TITOV (Иван ТИТОВ)
Sound : Ivan TITOV (Иван ТИТОВ)
Companies : Production value

Awards :
TEFI award, 2010

Plot synopsis
The film tells the story of a young Russian-born American entomologist, Michael (played by the Israeli actor, David Henry) on an expedition to South Ossetia to film the rare Olympius Inferno butterfly. He is accompanied by a childhood friend from his distant Russian past, with whom he has been reunited after many years, and the photo-journalist Zhenia (Polina Filonenko). As they are filming the butterfly, the Georgians launch their sudden night-time assault on South Ossetia, and the two manage to capture the attack on film (and on Zhenia’s camera). Horrified by what they see (the film spares no details in its vivid depiction of the atrocities carried out by the Georgians), they carry on filming in order to record the events for posterity. When, however, they try to show their evidence to a western reporter, he is dismissive and remains wedded to his “distorted” pro-Georgian version of events...
Source : www.kinokultura.com

Igor’ Voloshin : Olympius Inferno (Olimpius Inferno, 2009), Stephen HUTCHINGS, kinokultura.com, 2009

Selected in the following festivals :
- Cycle "Cinema against terrorism", Different cities (Russia), 2012