Vladimir BASOV
Владимир БАСОВ
Vladimir BASSOV
USSR, 1959, 74mn 
Colour, fiction
Zolotoy dom
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Золотой дом


 The House of Gold

 La Maison en or

Directed by : Vladimir BASOV (Владимир БАСОВ)
Companies : Mosfilm

Plot synopsis
About the revolutionary events in Buryat-Mongolia. Arsalan, a shepherd, worked for the evil Nayon Elo and had a girl-friend Dolson. When the main lama brought the news of the Bolsheviks’ victory and ordered Nayon to take all the flocks abroad, Arsalan found the detachment of his friend Commissar Ignatyev in the fields and informed him of it. Nayon was caught and destroyed at the very border and the flock of sheep was distributed among the poor Buryats. Arsalan managed to disrupt the engagement of Dolson and Nayon’s son and the loving couple could get married.
Source : www.mosfilm.ru