Russia, 1912, 875m 
Black and white, fiction
Krestianskaya dolya
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Крестьянская доля


 Krestianskaya dolya

 Le Sort du paysan

Directed by : Vasili GONCHAROV (Василий ГОНЧАРОВ)
Writing credits : Arseni BIBIKOV (Арсений БИБИКОВ)
Arseni BIBIKOV (Арсений БИБИКОВ) ...Maxime
Piotr CHARDYNIN (Пётр ЧАРДЫНИН) ...Le père de Piotr
Aleksandra GONCHAROVA (Александра ГОНЧАРОВА) ...Macha
Cinematography : Luis FORESTIER (Луи ФОРЕСТЬЕ)
Produced by : Aleksandr KHANZHONKOV (Александр ХАНЖОНКОВ)
Companies : A. Khanjonkov & C°
Release Date in Russia : 13/11/1912
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Plot synopsis
Masha, daughter of a wealthy peasant, loves young Piotr. Young people do not decide to announce it to their parents. But a peasant without family and party lover who surprised them together wants to help them. Now, one fine day matchmakers arrive at Masha's parents and the marriage is quickly decided. Unfortunately, a fire destroyed Macha's house and to top it all off, at the insistence of her father Piotr gave up marrying a young girl from a ruined family. Masha has no other way but to go to town to find a job. She comes across a wealthy family and quickly attracts the attention of the householder. In the meantime, she receives bad news from her family who have sold their last cow to survive, and what is more, her father is sick. But the fatal blow was dealt by the announcement of Piotr's marriage to another woman. So, desperate, Masha ends up throwing herself into the master's arms. At the cost of her honor, she saved her family. But the return to the village could not have been more difficult, however his old father understood everything and forgave.
With the money so dearly acquired by the young girl, Macha's family enriched, arousing the jealousy of her neighbors. By chance Macha meets Piotr ... And the old passion is reborn with new vigor. And the insults and vexations coming from the young wife of Piotr embitter Masha in spite of her and push her to decide, whatever happens, to take revenge. She convinces Maxime, Piotr's old father, to ask her to marry her. This one is initially all astonished but finally, and in spite of the protests of his family, he accepts with pleasure. But it was not easy for Masha to convince Piotr. This one ignites again for Masha forgot some and his wife and his family. He lost his reason and the wedding was barely over, he entered the house where his beloved Masha was, his old father's wife, he rushed towards the unhappy woman and stuck a knife in her heart.

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