Russia, 2007, full length film 
Den rozhdeniya infanty
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День рождения инфанты


 Infante's birthday

 L'Anniversaire de l'infante

Directed by : Valeria GAI GERMANIKA (Валерия ГАЙ ГЕРМАНИКА)
Writing credits : Valeria GAI GERMANIKA (Валерия ГАЙ ГЕРМАНИКА), Olga PODOLSKAYA (Ольга ПОДОЛЬСКАЯ)
Cinematography : Ivan FINOGEEV (Иван ФИНОГЕЕВ)
Music : Aleksandr VARTANOV (Александр ВАРТАНОВ)
Produced by : Aleksandr SHEYN (Александр ШЕЙН), Aleksandr VARTANOV (Александр ВАРТАНОВ)
Companies : ArtDesign

Plot synopsis
Documentary-narrative drama.
WishMaster, Clever Lil, New, Skunk, Fox, Foxy, Cat this is a group of people who reckon that their invented life is much more important and real than what their birth held in store for them. They practice a sado-masochism, creating around their passions the romantic image of another world visible only to them. From the position of ordinary citizens they are no more than perverts with mental deviations. And still, who are they? How do they survive in a world that they call "vanilla"? And why do they use these strange nicknames and carefully chosen, ominous attributes: flogging scourges or latex suits? What do they see in their hobby that we do not see and never shall see, if we limit ourselves by a documentary approach?
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Selected in the following festivals :
- Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Sochi (Russia), 2007