Russia, 2007, 100mn 
Colour, fiction
Gruz 200
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Груз 200


 Freight 200 / Cargo 200

 Cargaison 200

Other titles : Cargo 200
Directed by : Aleksey BALABANOV (Алексей БАЛАБАНОВ)
Writing credits : Aleksey BALABANOV (Алексей БАЛАБАНОВ)
Konstantin BALAKIREV (Константин БАЛАКИРЕВ)
Aleksandr BASHIROV (Александр БАШИРОВ) ...Logeur des alcooliques
Leonid BITSHEVINE (Леонид БИЧЕВИН) ...Valera
Leonid GROMOV (Леонид ГРОМОВ) ...Artiom
Dmitry KUBASOV (Дмитрий КУБАСОВ)
Agnia KUZNETSOVA (Агния КУЗНЕЦОВА) ...Anjelina
Aleksandr MOSIN (Александр МОСИН)
Anjelika NEVOLINA (Анжелика НЕВОЛИНА) ...Femme d'Artiom
Aleksey POLUYAN (Алексей ПОЛУЯН) ...Jourov
Irina RAKSHINA (Ирина РАКШИНА) ...Une alcoolique
Aleksey SEREBRYAKOV (Алексей СЕРЕБРЯКОВ) ...Alekseï
Yuri STEPANOV (Юрий СТЕПАНОВ) ...Mikhail
Cinematography : Aleksandr SIMONOV (Александр СИМОНОВ)
Production design : Pavel PARKHOMENKO (Павел ПАРХОМЕНКО), Nadezhda VASILYEVA (Надежда ВАСИЛЬЕВА)
Editing : Tatyana KUZMICHOVA (Татьяна КУЗЬМИЧЕВА)
Produced by : Sergey SELIANOV (Сергей СЕЛЬЯНОВ)
Companies : CTV (Кинокомпания СТВ)
Film revenue in Russia : 0.57 million dollars
Release Date in Russia : 14/06/2007
format : 35 mm
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Awards :
Best film Award "White Elephant", Moscow (Russia), 2007

Plot synopsis
USSR 1984. On the eve of perestroika, during the Afghan war. Military planes with zinc coffins (cargo 200) do not bypass the small provincial town of Leninsk. A young girl lives here; she is in love with a lad who serves in Afghanistan. He perishes. The militiaman Zhurov, a typical Soviet madman, is in love with the girl. After a disco, the daughter of the Communist Party committee’s secretary goes missing. There are no witnesses, and the culprit is not found. On the same evening, a gruesome murder happens in a house on the town’s periphery. The house owner is guilty of the crime. Both investigations are led by police captain Zhurov...
Source :

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Aleksei Balabanov : Cargo 200 (Gruz 200, 2007), Anthony ANEMONE,, 2007
1984 : in a small corrupt town within the USSR, a scientist, a psychopathic policeman, a farmer and his daughter drown their sorrows in vodka, thus beginning their spiral into hell. Abduction, rape and murder pile up in this furious thriller that allows Alexei Balabanov to return to the pre-perestroika period of his country and to evoke the Afghanistan war. The director denounces the era’s violence and anarchy, refusing to fall back into an easy nostalgia, 23 years on, when dealing with the Soviet period. Balabanov at his best. The eleventh film by Alexei Balabanov is the longest awaited and probably most spoken about film of his career. From its announcement in script form to the premiere at the Sochi film festival, the film has given cause for emotional reactions. It is a provocation à la Balabanov par excellence. It seems like all the elements of previous films such as Brother, Of Freaks and Men and Dead Man's Bluff can be doubled here. This harsh pre-Perestroika thriller is about a maniacal policeman, his mother, the local party leader and his daughter and many others in Leninsk, a small Soviet town. It is set to the background of the Soviet-Afghan war. Balabanov wanted to draw a picture of the dying 'body' of the USSR and make a statement against the current rise of Soviet nostalgia. A small newspaper article became an inspiration for this mirror of the moral decay of the period. The daughter of the local communist party leader disappears without a trace after leaving a disco club. During the same evening a cruel murder is committed on the outskirts of the town. Both cases are investigated by the local police captain.
As some of the actors with whom Balabanov cooperated before refused to become a part of this harsh drama, he has successfully collaborated with newcomers and less known faces. The final picture of the times seems to be painfully realistic, almost surrealistic. (LC)
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