Sergueï BODROV
Russia / Germany / Kazakhstan / USA, 2007, 120mn 
Colour, fiction
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Directed by : Sergey BODROV (Сергей БОДРОВ)
Writing credits : Arif ALIEV (Ариф АЛИЕВ), Sergey BODROV (Сергей БОДРОВ)
Tadanobu ASANO (Таданобу АСАНО) ...Temoudjin
Khulan CHULUUN (Хулан ЧУЛУУН) ...Borte
Amadu MAMADAKOV (Амаду МАМАДАКОВ) ...Targoutaïa, ennemi de Temoudjin
Cinematography : Rogier STOFFERS (Рохиер СТОФФЕРС), Sergey TROFIMOV (Сергей ТРОФИМОВ)
Production design : Dashi NAMDAKOV (Даши НАМДАКОВ), Yelena ZHUKOVA (Елена ЖУКОВА)
Produced by : Sergey BODROV (Сергей БОДРОВ), Sergey SELIANOV (Сергей СЕЛЬЯНОВ)
Companies : CTB,
Andreeski Flag (Андреевский флаг)
Kinofabrika GmbH, X-Filme Creative Pool (Allemagne)
Neftex (Kazakstan)
Film revenue in Russia : 6.50 million dollars
Release Date in Russia : 2007
language mongol
format : 35 mm
Sites : Page sur Allociné, page sur IMDb
Release date in France : 2008-04-09, Site

Awards :
Best film "NIKA" Prizes, Moscow (Russia), 2007
Best directing "NIKA" Prizes, Moscow (Russia), 2007
Best Cinematography "NIKA" Prizes, Moscow (Russia), 2007
Best Set Decoration "NIKA" Prizes, Moscow (Russia), 2007
Best Set Decoration Yelena ZHUKOVA , Dashi NAMDAKOV , Award "White Elephant", Moscow (Russia), 2007

DVD with subtitles
Editor : Metropolitan Film & Video. 2008. Titre : Mongol.
- Bonus : Making of - Bandes annonces
- Date de sortie : 04/11/2008
- Zone : 2

Plot synopsis
The early part in the biography of Genghis Khan, from 1172 to 1206. Nine-year-old Temudgin heads out with his father, a khan, to find himself a future bride. On the way back, the father is poisoned by a rival clan. His own clan will not accept the leadership of his legal heir, and they cast out the family. The boy grows to be a fearless young man, claims his bride, makes loyal allies and bitter enemies, and ultimately succeeds in uniting the tribes of Central Asia under his rule. Since his first film, Sweet Dreams in the Grass (1984), Sergei Bodrov has established himself as one of the leading directors in the Russian-speaking world (I Wanted to See Angels from 1992, Prisoner of the Mountains from 1996, Bear’s Kiss from 2002, Nomad from 2005, and more). In his new film, the first in a projected trilogy about the charismatic conqueror whose legions swept through Asia and reached the banks of the Dnieper, he realizes an old dream. Knowing how to choose shooting locations (in Kazakhstan and Mongolia), and to take absolute advantage of them in order to captivate the viewer, Bodrov builds a spectacular epic that balances between the realistic and legendary elements of the story, powerful drama, and humorous moments. The production values are typically excellent, and a special mention goes to the music and set and costume design. Nominated for the 2008 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.

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Selected in the following festivals or events :
- War in contemporary Russian cinema, (France), 2023
- Vesoul International Asiatic Film Festival, Vesoul (France), 2022
- Russian Film Festival For Another Russia, Paris (France), 2020
- Sputnik nad Polska, Warsaw (Poland), 2012
- Pessac International History Film Festival, Pessac (France), 2011
- Festival "Etonnants voyageurs" à Saint Malo, Saint Malo (France), 2010
- Strasbourg two weeks of Russian cinema, Strasbourg (France), 2009
- Monaco Charity Film Festival, Monaco (Principality of Monaco), 2009
- Sofia International Film Festival, Sofia (Bulgaria), 2008
- Hong-Kong International Film Festival, Hong Kong (China), 2008
- Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic), 2008
- Prague International Film Festival : Febiofest, Prague (Czech Republic), 2008
- Release in France of the film, Different cities (France), 2008-04-09
- The Dublin International Film Festival, Dublin (Ireland), 2008
- Jerusalem International Film Festival, Jerusalem (Israel), 2008
- Beirut International Film Festival, Beirut (Lebanon), 2008
- Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Sochi (Russia), 2008
- Golden Eagle awards, Moscow (Russia), 2008
- Damascus International Film Festival, Damascus (Syria), 2008
- San Francisco International Film Festival, San Francisco (USA), 2008
- Clevelant International Film Festival, Cleveland (USA), 2008
- Santa Barbara International Film Festial : SBIFF, Santa Barbara (USA), 2008
- Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto (Canada), 2007
- Rome Film Festival, Rome (Italy), 2007
- "NIKA" Prizes, Moscow (Russia), 2007
- Award "White Elephant", Moscow (Russia), 2007
- Film Festival of CIS countries, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia "Kinoshock", Anapa (Russia), 2007
- International Film Festival of the Commonwealth Countries "Moscow Premiere", Moscow (Russia), 2007
- "Vyborg" Russian Film Festival (formerly ''A Window to Europe''), Vyborg (Russia), 2007
- Dubai International Film Festival, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), 2007


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