Yaropolk LAPSHIN
Ярополк ЛАПШИН
USSR, 1969, 316mn 
fiction, TV serial
Ugryum-reka (mini-serial)
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Угрюм-река (мини–сериал)


 Ugryum-River (mini-series)

 La Rivière Ougrioum (mini-série)

Directed by : Yaropolk LAPSHIN (Ярополк ЛАПШИН)
Companies : Sverdlovsk Studio
Spectators : 15,5 millions of spectators
Release Date in Russia : 15/04/1969
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
TV series based on the eponymous novel by Vyacheslav Shishkov.
The Siberian taiga, a country of merchants, gold miners, bandits ... The merchant sends his son on a long journey along the Gloomy River. He will encounter many things along the way: a test of gold and power, serious illness and mad passion. Love, hate, friendship and betrayal are those hellish circles that heroes are meant to pass through.