Aleksandr STOLPER
Александр СТОЛПЕР
Aleksandr STOLPER
USSR, 1942, 93mn 
Black and white, fiction
Paren iz nashego goroda
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Парень из нашего города


 A Fellow from Our Town

 Un jeune homme de notre ville

Directed by : Aleksandr STOLPER (Александр СТОЛПЕР)
Writing credits : Aleksandr STOLPER (Александр СТОЛПЕР)
Grigori SHPIGEL (Григорий ШПИГЕЛЬ)
Companies : Mosfilm, Tsoks (Alma-Ata)

Plot synopsis
Based on the play of the same name by K.Simonov. The scene is laid in the early 30-s. Sergey Lukonin is known for his bravery in his town. On graduating from school he marries Varya Burmina and is enlisted to the tank troops. Having volunteered to go to Spain he is taken prisoner, but escapes and avoids being shot. Meanwhile Varya who became an actress by that time, is looking forward to see her beloved. Sergey foghts from the very beginning of the Great Patriotic War, and there is no message from him - Varya is in despair. Once during her performance in a hospital she finds Sergey among the wounded.
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