Nikolay DOSTAL
Nikolaï DOSTAL
1992, 83mn 
Malenkiy gigant bolshego seksa
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Маленький гигант большого секса


 Small Giant Of Great Sex

 Le Petit géant de l'amour

Directed by : Nikolay DOSTAL (Николай ДОСТАЛЬ)
Writing credits : Nikolay DOSTAL (Николай ДОСТАЛЬ)
Vladimir KASHPUR (Владимир КАШПУР)
Irina ROZANOVA (Ирина РОЗАНОВА) ...La femme sévère
Companies : Mosfilm, Krug

Plot synopsis
Screen version of well-known writer Fazil Iskander’s novel «Oh, Marat!». The main character lives in a resort town on the seaside of the Black Sea and works as a photographer on the beatch. He is very popular owing to his improbable loving adventures. None of the fair women can avail against the onslaught of this giant of great sex.
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