Russia, 2021, 100mn 
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Directed by : Denis NEIMAND (Денис НЕЙМАНД)
Writing credits : Vladimir IZMAYLOV (Владимир ИЗМАЙЛОВ)
Oleg CHERNOV (Олег ЧЕРНОВ) ...Granit
Yevgeni TERSKIKH (Евгений ТЕРСКИХ) ...Kuban
Aleksandr BARANOVSKY (Александр БАРАНОВСКИЙ ) ...Lemon
Mark GAVRILOV (Марк ГАВРИЛОВ ) ...Pazik
Igor FILIPPOV (Игорь ФИЛИППОВ ) ...Sedoy
Cinematography : Dmitry AREFIEV (Дмитрий АРЕФЕВ), Aleksandr POLAGAEV (Александр ПОЛАГАЕВ), Vladimir SHPOMER (Владимир ШПОМЕР)
Production design : Daniil KHARCHENKO (Даниил ХАРЧЕНКО)
Music : Vitali MUKANYAEV (Виталий МУКАНЯЕВ)
Produced by : Sergey SHCHEGLOV (Сергей ЩЕГЛОВ)
Other persons :
актёр/acteur : Мексес Мабессимо / Mexès Mabessimo
Companies : ООО «Паритет Фильм» / "Paritet Film"
Release Date in Russia : 28/10/2021

Plot synopsis
Cabo Delgado, Mozambique. The fighters of the "Islamic State" completely destroy the village of José and his older brother Luis, massacre the inhabitants including their parents, set fire to the houses. They offer the boys to enlist in their ranks otherwise they will suffer the same fate. Luis accepts despite his brother's opposition. Mozambique asks for help from Russia in its fight against terrorists and a commando headed by Commander Granit, his nickname, arrives in the country.
Granit with a small detachment of instructors arrives at the military base of Muedo and discovers a sad sight there: the soldiers of the local army are afraid to face the jihadists, are undisciplined, find it difficult to obey orders and the general Fubo refuses to give information on the number of jihadists and their whereabouts. Granit decides to carry out the investigations and to obtain the information himself.
Granit's commando finds José, who has escaped, in the jungle. But the boy cannot disclose the whereabouts of the jihadists because he is putting his older brother's life in danger.

Centrafrique : un film à la gloire des paramilitaires russes projeté à Bangui,, 2022

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- War in contemporary Russian cinema, (France), 2023