Anatoli EFROS
Анатолий ЭФРОС
Anatoli EFROS
USSR, 1961, 94mn 
Visokosnyy god
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Високосный год


 Leap Year

 Année bissextile

Directed by : Anatoli EFROS (Анатолий ЭФРОС)
Based on the story "The Four Seasons" by Vera Panova
Companies : Mosfilm
Spectators : 18,1 million spectators in the USSR
Release Date in Russia : 08/02/1962
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
Gennadi Kuprianov (Innokenti Smoktunovski) works on a construction site. After constant quarrels with his wife, the hero leaves the house to go to nurse Zina. His son Sacha also works on a construction site. He doesn't like Guennadi and the young man doesn't know how to free his mother from the anguish and bitterness that entered the house with the arrival of this strange man. The young man began to visit his new friend more and more often. Attentive parents, calm and intelligent conversations, material well-being - everything here attracts the young man. However, the head of the family, head of a city department, has long worked for a group of crooks operating in the commercial network, with this group Gennady Kuprianov turned out to be involved.