Russia, 2019, 26mn 
Pamyat - Italiya. Vtoraya zhizn Fedora
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Память - Италия. Вторая жизнь Федора



 Mémoire - Italie. Deuxième vie de Fiodor

Directed by : Yevgeni BEZBORODOV (Евгений БЕЗБОРОДОВ)
Writing credits : Yevgeni BEZBORODOV (Евгений БЕЗБОРОДОВ)
Cinematography : Vyacheslav GUSEV (Вячеслав ГУСЕВ)
Music : Vladimir ROMANYCHEV (Владимир РОМАНЫЧЕВ)

Plot synopsis
The documentary is part of the series of documentaries MEMORY, dedicated to how in different European countries they relate to Soviet military monuments and how they evaluate the history of the Second World War. The idea of ​​the cycle is to present different points of view on how to show the complexity and ambiguity of our common history. His grandson Fedor Poletaev was named after his grandfather in his honor. He has never seen it. Fedor Poletaev went to war in 41 'and then disappeared. For many years the family knew nothing about him. And suddenly, in 62 ', his traces were found. And it even turned out that Fedor is a national hero of Italy! They remember him and even monuments have been dedicated in his memory. For many years Fedor was known to Italians with a different nickname: The Poet.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Festival del cinema russo a Milano, Milan (Italy), 2020