Aleksandr BARSHAK
Александр БАРШАК
Aleksandr BARCHAK
Russia, 2018, 97mn 
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 The Pilgrim

 Le Pèlerin

Directed by : Aleksandr BARSHAK (Александр БАРШАК)
Writing credits : Aleksandr BARSHAK (Александр БАРШАК), Oleg LUKICHEV (Олег ЛУКИЧЕВ), Denis RODIMIN (Денис РОДИМИН)
Cinematography : Svyatoslav BULAKOVSKY (Святослав БУЛАКОВСКИЙ)
Companies : Sever
Film revenue in Russia : 0.0668 million dollars
Spectators : 15 979
Release Date in Russia : 14/02/2019
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
Everything in Mira's life is wonderful: she is the owner of a fashion gallery, a loving husband is waiting at home. But one day a man with amnesia is found on the seashore, who remembers her name. Nobody knows who he is. It is not in any database. But he knows about her that only a very close person can know, although Mira has never seen him in her life. The prosperous world of Mira begins to collapse when it turns out that the unknown has spent several years in the Middle East and is being followed by a real manhunt.

Aleksandr Barshak: The Pilgrim (Piligrim, 2018), David McVEY, Kinokultura, 2020