Russia, 2016, 97mn 
Ura! Kanikuly!
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Ура! Каникулы!


 Hurrah! Holidays!

 Hourra! Les vacances

Directed by : Maksim DEMCHENKO (Максим ДЕМЧЕНКО)
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Plot synopsis
Hurrah! Winter Holidays! But Pavel Karelin is not at all up for a holiday: he is in love with the older pupil Tamara. The top beauty of the school categorically ignores the sixth-grader, and yet he is prepared for any feat to get her attention. Pavel’s parents make him a New Year’s present: the family goes to a mountain ski resort. And here comes the surprise: there he meets Tamara. But… a line of disasters pursues Pavel. Besides, everywhere the annoying schoolmate Katya gets in the way.
Accidentally Pavlik fi nds a precious necklace stolen from a museum. The robbers are intent on getting back their loot. As hostages they take Pavlik’s little sister. Pavlik has to use all his resources to resist the robbers, to help the parents reconcile, to rescue his sister and meet his new love before the New Year!

Selected in the following festivals :
- Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Sochi (Russia), 2016