Александр ЛЮТКЕВИЧ
Russia, 1997, 151mn 
Neznayka na lune
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Незнайка на Луне


 Dunno on the Moon

 Neznaïka sur la lune

Other titles : Know-Nothing Is on The Moon
Directed by : Yuri BUTYRIN (Юрий БУТЫРИН), Andrei IGNATENKO (Андрей ИГНАТЕНКО), Aleksandr LYUTKEVICH (Александр ЛЮТКЕВИЧ)
Writing credits : Vladimir GOLOVANOV (Владимир ГОЛОВАНОВ), Sergey_7 IVANOV (Сергей_7 ИВАНОВ)
Cinematography : Lyudmila KRUTOVSKAYA (Людмила КРУТОВСКАЯ), Natalia MIKHAYLOVA (Наталья МИХАЙЛОВА), Sergey_2 VASILENKO (Сергей_2 ВАСИЛЕНКО)
Production design : Grigori LOZINSKY (Григорий ЛОЗИНСКИЙ), Olga NOVOSELOVA (Ольга НОВОСЕЛОВА)
Music : Yuri PRYALKIN (Юрий ПРЯЛКИН)
Produced by : Aleksey GUSKOV (Алексей ГУСЬКОВ), Sergey ZERNOV (Сергей ЗЕРНОВ)
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Plot synopsis
Dunno (=Neznayka) finds a stone in the street and believes that this stone fell from the moon. He gives it to Znayka. The next day, Znayka noticed that when the stone is exposed to a magnetic field, the stone creates zero gravity. Znayka decided to make a rocket and fly with the other Little On the Moon, after having organized a discussion with the astronomer Steklyashkin to know if there is life on the moon or not.
Before flying to the moon, Dunno stole a weightless machine and almost drowned it in the river. For this, Znaïka refuses to take him to the moon, but Dunno decided to hide in the rocket and to fly without authorization. With him, he takes Poltchik, who was not taken to go to the moon because he is very heavy. When Neznaïka fell asleep in the rocket, Potchik tries to get out, but instead sets off the rocket, and with Dunno they fly to the moon.

Le cosmos comme terrain de jeu : l’espace dans l’animation soviétique et russe, Birgit BEUMERS, Nina SPUTNITSKAYA, hal.archives-ouvertes.fr, 2019
Neznaika is about a group of little people (karatishki) who live in peace and harmony on earth. They are "little men" but are essentially children: the girls like the boys, and the boys just want to go on adventures. Neznaika himself is the main character (in Russian, his name means something like "Know-nothing.") He is ignorant and boastful, but at the same time kind-hearted and lovable. All the other characters also have names that tell you what they do. This movie has many of the same wacky adventures that made the books so popular. Literal bottle rocks, hot air balloons that run on soda, and of course the main attraction: our friends going to the moon and encountering a new society that is very different from the one on earth. Needless to say, this society does not live in peaceful harmony.


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