Russia, 2016, 51mn 
fiction, TV serial
Kvartet - Serial
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Квартет - сериал


 Quartet - Serial

 Quatuor - Série

Directed by : Anna MELIKIAN (Анна МЕЛИКЯН)
Writing credits : Anastasia PALCHIKOVA (Анастасия ПАЛБЧИКОВА)
Cinematography : Fyodor LYASS (Федор ЛЯСС)
Site : Kinopoisk

Plot synopsis
They are the most talented students at a provincial music conservatory. There are four of them, they form a quartet, and their common dream is to win an international music competition. But their life is not a series of lessons and repetitions, their life is a constant struggle with their fears, their fads and the world around them.
Let’s introduce them: the first violin, Andrey, is a kleptomaniac, unable to face his destructive passion, which destroys his life. Polina, the second violin, is madly devoted to music and, to have an instrument, buy Austrian strings and a dress in which even Schnittke would not be ashamed to play, prostitutes herself to supplement her income. Altista Masha suffers from schizophrenia and believes that their quartet is the embodiment of spirits of the fifth purple world. And the main character, cellist Nastya, lives under a false name and hides a terrible secret - and so far, she doesn't even realize that a gang of thugs is following her.