Anastasia BORISOVA
Анастасия БОРИСОВА
Anastassia BORISSOVA
Russia, 2019, 12mn 
Mama (Iye)
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Мама (Ийэ)


 Mummy (Iye)

 Maman (Iiè)

Directed by : Anastasia BORISOVA (Анастасия БОРИСОВА )
Writing credits : Anastasia BORISOVA (Анастасия БОРИСОВА ), Vladimir MUNKUYEV (Владимир МУНКУЕВ)
Cinematography : Anna SHEPILOVA (Анна ШЕПИЛОВА), Konstantin SHMELEV (Константин ШМЕЛЕВ)

Awards :
Best Short Film Russian film festival in Paris, Paris (France), 2020

Plot synopsis
A country girl with a baby is trying to sort out her life in Moscow. To make ends meet, she is looking for money and any job.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, Clermont Ferrand (France), 2020
- Russian film festival in Paris, Paris (France), 2020
- International debut film festival, Khanty Mansiysk (Russia), 2020