Russia / Armenia, 2019, 101mn 
Ya podariu tebe pobedu
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Я подарю тебе победу


 The Victory will be my gift to you

 Je t'offrirai la victoire

Directed by : Arsen AGADZHANYAN (Арсен АГАДЖАНЯН)
Writing credits : Arsen AGADZHANYAN (Арсен АГАДЖАНЯН)
Marat BASHAROV (Марат БАШАРОВ) ...Aleksey Suslishchev
Elguja BURDULI (Элгуджа БУРДУЛИ) ...Misha in mature years
Tigran AGADZHANYAN (Тигран АГАДЖАНЯН) ...Misha
Arkadi SNESAREV (Аркадий СНЕСАРЕВ) ...Misha
Kristina MURADYAN (Кристина МУРАДЯН) ...Sveta
Valery BARINOV (Валерий БАРИНОВ)
Sergey GARMASH (Сергей ГАРМАШ)
Cinematography : Mko MALKHASYAN (Мко МАЛХАСЯН)
Production design : Pavel PARKHOMENKO (Павел ПАРХОМЕНКО)
Music : Martin ULIKHANYAN (Мартин УЛИХАНЯН)
Produced by : Arsen AGADZHANYAN (Арсен АГАДЖАНЯН)
Companies : САПОК / SAPOK

Plot synopsis
«The Victory will be my gift to you!». This is the promise, which the 17-year old volunteer soldier makes to a very young hospital nurse, with whom he is madly in love. Many years later following a tragic accident the protagonist of our story will get hold of the volunteer’s diary. He lives is a bustling vicious city sparkling with steel and other expensive tinsel. He has achieved almost everything that a modern citizen might dream of – ha has successful career, a striking well-groomed wife and other attributes of his status. From time to time he shares his success formulas with hundreds of students of a business school dreaming of making a similar career. He is happy to serve his employer, he is attracted to his wife’s body, admires his own attention to his mother and her needs. But this monotonous upward movement is interrupted when he starts reading the diary and realises that there are other dimensions to camaraderie, serving your own country, love and simple happiness. Now he is possessed by this story and this is the only way to fill the sudden inner void.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2019