Aleksey ZLOBIN
Алексей ЗЛОБИН
Armenia / Cyprus / Russia / Sweden / Switzerland, 2018, 95mn 
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Directed by : Aleksey ZLOBIN (Алексей ЗЛОБИН)
Writing credits : Mikael POGOSYAN (Микаэл ПОГОСЯН), Aleksey ZLOBIN (Алексей ЗЛОБИН)
Other persons :
продюсер : Мартирос Минасян / producteur : Martiros Minasian
оператор / opérateur : Vahagn Ter-Hakopyan
актёры / acteurs : Ирэн Айвазян / Irène Aïvazian, Нарине Григорян / Nariné Grigorian, Ani Galstyan, Narek Baghdasaryan
Companies : K&MM Investments

Plot synopsis
A gentleman in a suit places a wad of cash on the theatre director’s table and informs him that the theatre is now closed. This comes as a huge shock to veteran actor Laurence (nickname Lorik). Theatre is his whole life, he stays in character even off the stage, happily avoiding being himself and also avoiding too much human contact.
But when a strange incident gives him the power to hop into other people’s bodies and experience everything they’re experiencing, he suddenly has to deal with other people’s very intimate problems. But he also gets a chance to play new roles. A neighbour, a sick girl, a powerful politician, and through it all Lorik will hopefully finally reach the one role he hasn’t played yet - himself.

Lorik paints quite a lively picture of Armenian society. Theatrical and eclectic, profound and light-hearted, fascinating and moving – this tragicomedy full of social and magical realism really has everything. A lot of themes, a lot of colours and a lot of characters, writer-director Alexei Zlobin really has his work cut out for him, diving in deep and creating his very own fairy tale world. On this memorable journey he is fully supported by his lead (and also co-writer and producer) Michael Poghosyan.
Liisi Rohumäe /

Selected in the following festivals :
- Europe around Europe, Paris (France), 2019
- International debut film festival, Khanty Mansiysk (Russia), 2019
- Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival : PÖFF, Tallinn (Estonia), 2018