1991, 30мин 
Цветной, анимационный
Лошадь, скрипка и немножко нервно
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Loshad, skripka i nemnozhko nervno


 Loshad, skripka i nemnozhko nervno

 Le Cheval, le violon et un peu nerveusement

Режиссёр(ы) : Ирина ЕВТЕЕВА (Irina EVTEYEVA)

Аннотации на русском языке нет.

Irina Evteeva’s debut quickly became a kind of manifesto for the one-room experimental studio: it defines classification by interweaving animation, appropriated footage, feature and documentary to form a unique whole, a film that rushes backwards into the future, thereby re-inventing Futurism. Mayakovskiy is the star; his occasional presence holds together a film driven by the sound, the beat, of his poetry. Evteeva develops a dramatic structure of flaring, fading, being from light: violin strings become rays, quivering dull yellow spots, pictures. The plot assails the material from which it derives energy from material. History, growling and roaring, finds its form.

Отобран во фестивалях :
- Московский международный кинофестиваль (ММКФ), Москва (Россия), 2017
- Кинофестиваль Восточной и Центральной Европы, Висбаден (Германия), 2012