Фридрих ЭРМЛЕР
Friedrich ERMLER
Friedrich ERMLER
СССР, 1949, 106мин 
Черно-Белый, игровой
Великая сила
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Velikaya sila


 The Great Force

 La Grande force

Режиссёр(ы) : Фридрих ЭРМЛЕР (Friedrich ERMLER)
Сценарист(ы) : Фридрих ЭРМЛЕР (Friedrich ERMLER)
Производство : Ленфильм

Аннотации на русском языке нет.

Loosely based on the play of the same title by Boris Romashov. Professor Lavrov, a disciple and a follower of Michurin is trying to dispute the theory of heredity and successfully works on breeding a new hen strain. The authors of the film were honored the Stalin’s Prize of the USSR.
Source : www.lenfilm.ru