Konstantin KHABENSKY
Константин ХАБЕНСКИЙ
Konstantin KHABENSKI
Russia, 2018, 110mn 
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Directed by : Konstantin KHABENSKY (Константин ХАБЕНСКИЙ)
Writing credits : Aleksandr ADABASHIAN (Александр АДАБАШЬЯН), Anna CHERNAKOVA (Анна ЧЕРНАКОВА), Andrei_2 NAZAROV (Андрей_2 НАЗАРОВ)
Konstantin KHABENSKY (Константин ХАБЕНСКИЙ) ...Alexandre Pechersky
Christopher LAMBERT (Кристофер ЛАМБЕРТ) ...Karl Frenzel
Roman AGEEV (Роман АГЕЕВ)
Sergey GODIN (Сергей ГОДИН)
Cinematography : Ramūnas GREICIUS (Рамунас ГРЕЙЧЮС)
Production design : Gulnara SHAKHMILOVA (Гульнара ШАХМИЛОВА)
Music : Kuzma BODROV (Кузьма БОДРОВ)
Produced by : Elmira AYNULOVA (Эльмира АЙНУЛОВА), Gleb FETISOV (Глеб ФЕТИСОВ), Mariya ZHUROMSKAIA (Мария ЖУРОМСКАЯ)
Production : Патриот Продакшнс / Patriot Productions
Release date in Russia : 03/05/2018
Sites : Page Allociné, page sur IMDb
VOD or DVD release in France : 2018-10-28, Site

DVD with subtitles
Editor : Wild Side Video. 2018. Titre : Sobibor

Plot synopsis
Based on the true story, international historical project “Sobibor” is dedicated to the heroism of the Soviet o cer Alexander Pechersky. During the great Patriotic war, being in a Nazi concentration camp Sobibor he managed to do the impossible — for only three weeks to organize a revolt and mass escape of the prisoners. Part of the escapees were caught and shot, and the rest led by Pechersky managed to escape and joined the partisans.

Commentaries and bibliography
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Selected in the following festivals :
- Nantes Russian Film Festival, Nantes (France), 2019
- Russian Resurrection Film Festival, Different cities (Australia), 2018
- Novy Rusky Film, Prague (Czech Republic), 2018
- VOD or DVD release in France of the film:, Different cities (France), 2018
- Russian Film Week in London, London (United Kingdom), 2018

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