Anastasia ZVERKOVA
Anastassia ZVERKOVA
Russia, 2017, 42mn 
The Shenehen Queen
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Шэнэхэнская царица


 La Reine de Chenekhen

 Shenekhenskaya tsaritsa

Directed by : Anastasia ZVERKOVA (Анастасия ЗВЕРЬКОВА)

Plot synopsis
A story of the folk singer Badma-Handa Ausheeva reminds of the fairy tale about Cinderella. She was born in a poor buryat village Shanahan (China), where people grazed cows and sheep, make their own clothes and shoes and always sang an old songs. At that time Badma-Handa could not imagine that one day she will sing at Carnegie Hall. however, success, fame and money don't bring absolute happiness. Long conversations with her mother helps the main heroine to find her real place in the world.

Selected in the following festivals :
- DOKer. Moscow International Documentary Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2017