Russia, 2015, 70mn 
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Возвращение домой


 Retour à la maison

 Vozvraschenie domoj

Directed by : Inna DENISOVA (Инна ДЕНИСОВА)

Plot synopsis
Filmmaker Inna Denisova arrives in her native region on the Crimean peninsula after the annexation by Russia. Her film follows the situation there, not through military operations or loud political statements, but minor changes in everyday Crimean life and the meaning of terms such as home or nation. This collage of complex realities consists of surveys among uncritically minded residents of the capital city Simferopol, official Russian propaganda images and testimony from various activists or people who consider themselves to be Ukrainians and disagree with the annexation of Crimea, but were forced to leave. The film also features footage from the trial of activist and director Oleg Sentsov, who spoke out against Russian aggression in Crimea.

Selected in the following festivals :
- "Jeden Svët" International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival One World, Prague (Czech Republic), 2016
- International Leipzig Festival for documentary and animated film, Leipzig (Germany), 2015
- FilmFestival Cottbus - Festival of East European Cinema, Cottbus (Germany), 2015