Aleksandr_2 SHEYN
Александр_2 ШЕЙН
Aleksandr_2 CHEIN
Aleksandr SVETLOV
Александр СВЕТЛОВ
Aleksandr SVETLOV
USSR, 1971, 22mn 
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Directed by : Aleksandr_2 SHEYN (Александр_2 ШЕЙН), Aleksandr SVETLOV (Александр СВЕТЛОВ)
Cinematography : Avetis ZENYAN (Аветис ЗЕНЯН)
Production : Mosfilm, Concern

Plot synopsis
In the 1960s, Alexander Shein founded the film studio SOVPOLIKADR to produce propaganda films. But in fact he used it for avant-garde experiments with multi-screen formats. In his innovative work, propaganda meets formalist art that was banned in USSR in the 1920s, made with an almost postmodernist irony. Screens before Today in Everyday Propaganda

Selected in the following festivals :
- Rotterdam International Film Festival, Rotterdam (Netherlands), 2015