Tatyana ELKINA
Tatiana ELKINA
Russia, 2012, 19mn 
Colour, documentary
Not child's play. Election stories
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Не по-детски. История о выборах


 Pas un jeu d'enfants. Histoires d'élections

 Ne po-detcki. Istoriya o vyborakh

Directed by : Tatyana ELKINA (Татьяна ЭЛЬКИНА)
Writing credits : Tatyana ELKINA (Татьяна ЭЛЬКИНА)
Production : St Petersburg State University for Cinema and Television

Plot synopsis
The elections for the Duma and the regional assemblies, scheduled for December 4, 2011, should have been something ordinary in the life of the Russians, but against all odds they appeared as an extremely destabilizing factor in the lives of many citizens. This is due to the fact that two elections were organized - December 4 and March 4 - with the rallies that accompanied them. The main hero of this film is a boy whose parents were each on one side of the political barrier. Everything that happens in the country during this long semester, this child practically lives in "front line". And this short film brings us to understand all these events, with humor, irony, and without any exaggeration.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Open Film Festival for students and beginners, Moscow (Russia), 2013
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2012