Vladimir_2 PONOMAREV
Владимир_2 ПОНОМАРЕВ
Vladimir_2 PONOMAREV
Russia, 2012, 11mn 
Colour, animation
Trash Toad
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Куми-куми. Мусорная жаба


 Kumi-Kumi. Le Crapaud à ordures

 Kumi-Kumi. Musornaya zhaba

Directed by : Vladimir_2 PONOMAREV (Владимир_2 ПОНОМАРЕВ)

Plot synopsis
Yusi wants to take beautiful pictures of nature, but everyone is spoiled by the city garbage trucks. From the rubble, Yusi is rescued by Jugha and Shumadan, who arrived in a hot air balloon. It seems that all the troubles are over, but friends accidentally touch an anchor on a huge predatory toad ...

Selected in the following festivals :
- Great Cartoon Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2012

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