Григорий РЯБУШЕВ
Russia, 2012, 26mn 
Colour, documentary
All whom I love I will take with me / Everybody I love I will take with me
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Всех, кого люблю, возьму с собой


 Tous ceux que j'aime, je les prends avec moi

 Vsekh, kogo lyublyu, bozmu s coboy

Directed by : Grigori RYABUSHEV (Григорий РЯБУШЕВ)
Writing credits : Grigori RYABUSHEV (Григорий РЯБУШЕВ)
Cinematography : Grigori RYABUSHEV (Григорий РЯБУШЕВ)
Produced by : Grigori RYABUSHEV (Григорий РЯБУШЕВ)

Awards :
Diploma of the Jury Open Film Festival for students and beginners, Moscow (Russia), 2013

Plot synopsis
All heroes of this film were born on one day. All of them have decided to leave Russia. The film tells about their last three days in “this country”.

Commentaries and bibliography
"Is emigration possible in the world, in which integration and absence of border is declared? Can we call what is happening today another wave of migration? Do the moral and ethical aspects of this choice exist or these are rudiments of perception that drag us back to the orphan past? It is difficult to provide an unambiguous answer. But, eventually we have to conclude that there is no emigration except for the internal one. At the same time, the fact that today it is possible to move and live anywhere does not make any difference. Popular belief that «it is time to make like a tree and leave» in practice appears not to be an appeal to flee the country, but rather a formula for a special regime of existence inside it. All the patriotic accusations that one shall not call this country «this country» are merely rhetorical delirium, as because of them we do not cease to be its citizens. Anyway we cannot yet develop immunity to these heavy meanings and obligations, no matter how hard we would like to get rid of them. I thought I was taking a film about those who leave, while took it about those who stay."
Grigori Ryabushev

Selected in the following festivals :
- Open Film Festival for students and beginners, Moscow (Russia), 2013
- Film Festival of CIS countries, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia "Kinoshock", Anapa (Russia), 2012
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2012
- International Documentary Film Festival "Flahertiana", Perm (Russia), 2012