Algirdas DAUSA
Альгирдас ДАУСА
Algirdas DAUSA
Algirdas TUMAS
Альгирдас ТУМАС
Algirdas TUMAS
USSR (Lithuania), 1963, 15mn 
Black and white, documentary
Naktį prieš parodos atidarymą (La Nuit avant l'exposition)
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Naktį prieš parodos atidarymą


 La Nuit avant l'exposition

 Naktį prieš parodos atidarymą

Directed by : Algirdas DAUSA (Альгирдас ДАУСА), Algirdas TUMAS (Альгирдас ТУМАС)
Production : Lithuanian Film Studio (LKS)
Distribution : Archives centrales de l'État de Lituanie (
format : 35 mm

Plot synopsis
In a style marked by dramatically contrasting light, we penetrate the country's legends via the statues and objects awaiting the opening of the exhibition.

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- États généraux du film documentaire, Lussas (France), 2012