Latvia, 1990, 104mn 
Colour, documentary
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Крестный путь



 Krestnyy put

Other titles : Krustceļš (original title)
Directed by : Juris PODNIEKS (Юрис ПОДНИЕКС)
Writing credits : Juris PODNIEKS (Юрис ПОДНИЕКС)
Cinematography : Juris PODNIEKS (Юрис ПОДНИЕКС)
Other persons :
Photography : Gvido ZVAIGZNE, Andris SLAPINS
Sound : Anri KRENBERGS
Editing : Antra CILINSKA
Production : Central ITV, NHK, Juris Podnieks Studio Distribution: Centre National du Film de Lettonie (zanda.dudina@nfc.gov.lv, +371 67358858)

Plot synopsis
Juris Podnieks has put together a graphic testimony to the fight for political self-determination by the people of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. He combines the 1990 traditional song festivals in these republics with personal stories describing the fate of the Baltic people. The film begins with a seven-minute memorial piece, dedicated to two cameramen from Podnieks' crew, who worked on Homeland - Andris Slapiņš and Gvido Zvaigzne. They were killed by the Soviet troops who provoked a shooting in the centre of Riga on the night of January 20, just after the film was completed.

Selected in the following festivals :
- États généraux du film documentaire, Lussas (France), 2012