Russia, 2012, 14mn 
Colour, fiction
Parkway Reading
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Бульварное чтиво


 Lecture de boulevard

 Bulvarnoe chtivo

Directed by : Georgi STAROVEROV (Георгий СТАРОВЕРОВ)
Writing credits : Yulia BIKKENINA (Юлия БИККЕНИНА), Yevgeni PANKRATOV (Евгений ПАНКРАТОВ), Georgi STAROVEROV (Георгий СТАРОВЕРОВ)
Cinematography : Aleksandr ANDERSON (Александр АНДЕРСОН)
Sound : Yevgeni PANKRATOV (Евгений ПАНКРАТОВ)
Produced by : Yekaterina PONOMARYOVA (Екатерина ПОНОМАРЕВА)
Other persons :
Cast : Georgy LAVROV, Petr POPOV, Ivan DUBROVSKY, Sofi a ELIK, Solomon SHLOSMAN
Production : M.A. Litovchin Humanitarian Institute of Television & Radio broadcasting

Plot synopsis
"Parkway reading" – is fi lm about Moscow, as a city. This film about Moscow people, about stories, which occurs with them, and about connection, which Moscow sets between them, sometimes by very strange ways. Main hero wasting his free time on the boulevard. He provided a listener of the three stories. At first sight it seems, that people, who tell that stories doesn’t associated with each other. But it only seems…

Selected in the following festivals :
- Open Film Festival for students and beginners, Moscow (Russia), 2013
- Festival of Festivals, St Petersburg (Russia), 2012

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