Kazakhstan, 1993, 82mn 
Colour, fiction
A Place on the Grey Triangular Hat
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Место на серой треуголке


 Ma vie sur le bicorne

 Mesto na seroy treugolke

Other titles : Azghyin Ushtykzyn Azaby
Directed by : Yermek SHINARBAYEV (Ермек ШИНАРБАЕВ)
Writing credits : Nikita JALKIBAYEV (Никита ДЖАЛКИБАЕВ)
Cinematography : Sergey KOSMANEV (Сергей КОСМАНЕВ)
Production design : Vladimir TRAPEZNIKOV (Владимир ТРАПЕЗНИКОВ)
Sound : Gulsara MUKATAEVA (Гульсара МУКАТАЕВА)
Production : Kazakh Films

Plot synopsis
Two twenty-year-old young men are rolling joints in a small apartment in Almaty, softly leaning towards each other. They are laughing with great complicity until one of them whispers a poem he wrote… A little later, the young poet is sleeping with a girl-friend. His mother wakes him up and moralizes: One needs to work in life! "Life needs courage" he answers before going back to his room to listen an Italian opera sang by Maria Callas played on an old tape recorder….
"Some critics from Almaty pretended it was a film about today’s youth in Kazakhstan. I am absolutely convinced they are wrong. It is a film about the life of a man. It does not matter whether the story is contemporary or not, whether you are as young as the hero or on the contrary old: your life has the same meaning for you, life is a treasure… Harmony is in life itself. "
Ermek Chinarbaev
Source : Festival de Vezoul, 2012

Selected in the following festivals :
- Vesoul International Asiatic Film Festival, Vesoul (France), 2012
- Fall Festival 1998, Paris (France), 1998