João Nuno PINTO
Жуан Нуну ПИНТУ
João Nuno PINTO
Russia / Spain / Brazil / Portugal, 2010, 111mn 
Colour, fiction
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Other titles : América (original title)
Directed by : João Nuno PINTO (Жуан Нуну ПИНТУ)
Chulpan KHAMATOVA (Чулпан ХАМАТОВА) ...Liza
Mikhail YEVLANOV (Михаил ЕВЛАНОВ) ...Andrey
Nikolay POPKOV (Николай ПОПКОВ) ...Aleksandr
Produced by : Viktor TAKNOV (Виктор ТАКНОВ)
Other persons :
Writing credits :Luísa Costa GOMES, Melanie DIMANTAS, João Nuno PINTO
Cast :
Fernando LUIS ... Vitor
María BARRANCO ... Fernanda
Dinarte BRANCO ... Paulo Armando
Cassiano CARNEIRO ... Matias
Raul SOLNADO ... Melo
Francisco MAESTRE ... Tolentino (as Paco Maestre)
Cinematography : Carlos LOPES
Art Direction : Wayne SANTOS Music : Mikel SALAS
Produced by : António da Cunha TELLES, Pandora da Cunha TELLES, Miguel VARELA
Production : Ukbar Filmes, Filmes De Fundo, Morena Films, Dezenove Som E Imagens, 2план2, Garage
Film revenue in Russia : 0.0107 million dollars
Language Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Creole

Plot synopsis
Portugal, beginning of the new millennium.
Liza is a young Russian immigrant married to a Portuguese man, with whom she has a child. Vitor, her husband, is in fact a petty crook who lives off scams and tricking old ladies. Mauro, the couple's son, is a strange child who has taken it upon himself not to speak. Besides all her domestic chores, Liza also has to take care of Vitor's grandmother, a bed-ridden, moribund, hundred-year-old lady who rejects any care that is given to her by Liza. Fernanda, Vitor's Spanish ex-wife, taking advantage of the wave of illegal immigrants into Portugal, turns up with a proposal for a false passports business. From then on, and to Liza's great despair, her house becomes a halfway house for countless immigrants of several differing nationalities and races, all looking for a better future. One of those to arrive is Andrei, a young Ukrainian orthopaedist who is wanted by the Russian mafia. Andrei ends up falling in love with Liza, who sees in him the opportunity to get out of that life. But things are not as straightforward as that...

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Film Festival «2-in-1», Moscow (Russia), 2011