Valentina BRUMBERG
Валентина БРУМБЕРГ
USSR, 1961, 8mn 
Colour, animation
Great Troubles
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Большие неприятности


 De Grands désagréments

 Bolshie nepriyatnosti

Directed by : Zinaida BRUMBERG (Зинаида БРУМБЕРГ), Valentina BRUMBERG (Валентина БРУМБЕРГ)
Writing credits : Maurice SLOBODSKOY (Морис СЛОБОДСКОЙ)
Cinematography : Yelena PETROVA (Елена ПЕТРОВА), Aleksandr VARLAMOV (Александр ВАРЛАМОВ)
Production design : Lana AZARKH (Лана АЗАРХ), Valentin LALAYANTS (Валентин ЛАЛАЯНЦ)
Music : Aleksandr VARLAMOV (Александр ВАРЛАМОВ)
Sound : Nikolay PRILUTSKY (Николай ПРИЛУЦКИЙ)
Production : Soyuzmultfilm

Plot synopsis
It is a satirical film for adults about family, daddy of this family is an embezzler, the daughter is a hunter for favorable gentlemen, the son is a blockhead and a drunkard. The offscreen text is the story of the little girl who repeats idiomatic expressions which she doesn’t understand ("he has set going the refrigerators ", "he whips vodka", "he has lost his head"...) and these idiomatic expressions are shown in the picture area as they are represented in her mind – in the literal sense. It is one of the first films of "new", "non-Disney" Soviet animation

Commentaries and bibliography
Women film pioneers : The Brumberg Sisters, Maya BALAKIRSKY KATZ, wfpp.columbia.edu, 2019

Selected in the following festivals :
- BCF. The Big Cartoon Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2012