Евгений ЦЫМБАЛ
Russia, 2011, 52mn 
Colour, black and white, documentary
A Diary from Burned Ghetto
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Тетрадь из сожженного гетто


 Carnet du Ghetto brûlé

 Tetrad iz sozhzhennogo getto

Directed by : Yevgeni TSYMBAL (Евгений ЦЫМБАЛ)
Writing credits : Ilya RUBINSHTEIN (Илья РУБИНШТЕЙН), Yevgeni TSYMBAL (Евгений ЦЫМБАЛ)
Cinematography : Ruslan GERASIMENKOV (Руслан ГЕРАСИМЕНКОВ)
Production design : Rashit SAFIULIN (Рашит САФИУЛЛИН), Chingiz SAFIULLIN (Чингиз САФИУЛЛИН)
Produced by : Natalia IVANOVA (Наталья ИВАНОВА), Valery KOGAN (Валерий КОГАН)
Production : Horosho Production

Awards :
Award Saratov International Documentary Festival "Saratovskie Stradaniya", Saratov (Russia), 2011

Plot synopsis
The diary of Anne Frank is well-known to the world. It is widely read, and has become a basis for a number of plays and films. But there are several other diaries of the little nazi victims, that have been preserved till our times. What can be more terrifying, truthful and straightforward, than a little child’s view of the war?Day by day, page by page, we see the world of ghetto through the eyes of a little girl. This world is full of horror, constant fear, the pain for those who die, and little happinesses. Tamara Rostovskaja, the heroine of the film, began writing her diary at the age of twelve, and finished it when she was fourteen. This makes two years of ghetto life. It is still scary to read this notebook with the yellowed sheets, that Tamara keeps so carefully. The reader can witness an amazingly quick transformation of a teenage girl into a little woman who feels responsibility for her family and her entire nation – a woman who has come to God; a woman with a universe-embracing soul … Today, Tamara Rostovskaja is eighty. She lives in Israel and has four grandchildren. This film is an unknown document, a real story, blaming fascism and showing people the consequences of the wars.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Annual Independent Russian-American Documentary Film Festival in New York​ (Tribeca), New York (USA), 2012
- Saratov International Documentary Festival "Saratovskie Stradaniya", Saratov (Russia), 2011
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2011