Владимир ЦАРЕНКО
Russia, 2011, 30mn 
Colour, fiction
The Way of Kindness / The Lucky Road
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Дорога добра


 La Route est bonne

 Doroga dobra

Directed by : Vladimir TSARENKO (Владимир ЦАРЕНКО)
Writing credits : Vladimir TSARENKO (Владимир ЦАРЕНКО)
Aleksandra SYDORUK (Александра СЫДОРУК)
Pavel YULKU (Павел ЮЛКУ)
Cinematography : Aleksey_2 SHLYAMIN (Алексей_2 ШЛЯМИН)
Production : King-Kong Studios

Plot synopsis
The bride waits for her bridegroom to go to the church where they must wed. Her giddy-headed fiancé is late even on such an occasion. Nanny comforts the bride. Well, they cannot even imagine what a horrible thing takes him so long.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Moscow International Festival of detective films and television programs on law-enforcement themes, Moscow (Russia), 2012
- International Film Festival : Pacific Meridians, Vladivostok (Russia), 2011

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