Виталий ШУНЬКО
Nikolay LITUS
Николай ЛИТУС
Nikolaï LITOUS
1980, 77mn 
Colour, fiction
Sergeant Tsybulia's Countryside Trip
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Дачная поездка сержанта Цыбули


 Le Voyage à la campagne du sergent Tsyboulia

 Dachnaya poezdka serzhanta Tsybuli

Other titles : Дача пойздка сержанта Цибул (Original title)
Directed by : Nikolay LITUS (Николай ЛИТУС), Vitali SHUNKO (Виталий ШУНЬКО)
Writing credits : Nikolay LITUS (Николай ЛИТУС), Vitali SHUNKO (Виталий ШУНЬКО)
Based on the short novel “Sergeant Tsybulia’s Autograph” by P. Avtonomov
Sergey_4 IVANOV (Сергей_4 ИВАНОВ) ...sergent Tsybulya
Vladimir ALEKSEYENKO (Владимир АЛЕКСЕЕНКО) ...Karpo
Mikhail KOKSHENOV (Михаил КОКШЕНОВ) ...Savka Gorgalo
Nadezhda SMIRNOVNA (Надежда СМИРНОВНА) ...Alyonka
Nikolay LITUS (Николай ЛИТУС)
Cinematography : Viktor POLITOV (Виктор ПОЛИТОВ)
Production design : Eduard SHEYKIN (Эдуард ШЕЙКИН)
Music : Ivan KARABITS (Иван КАРАБИЦ)
Production : Studio Dovzhenko
Release date in Russia : 09/1980

Plot synopsis
This heroic comedy is based on the short novel “Sergeant Tsybulia’s Autograph” by P. Avtonomov.
Sergeant Tsybulia, a young intelligence agent, after completing another mission, on a “countryside trip” at the Germans’ back again. He is now charged with the mission of delivering medicines, provision and explosives to the partisans. His nocturnal parachute jump from plane proves to be a failure. Tsybulia takes enemy’s campfires (which the polizei use to cook pigs expropriated from the population) for partisans’ identification lights, and lands right in the den of the enemy. He outwits his pursuers, imprisons a German major and breaks through to the partisans’ positions onboard the enemy’s armored train.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Odessa International Film Festival, Odessa (Ukraine), 2011

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