Russia, 2005, 42mn 
Colour, documentary
Zero Hour
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Час ноль


 Heure zéro

 Chas nol

Directed by : Pavel MEDVEDEV (Павел МЕДВЕДЕВ)
Writing credits : Pavel MEDVEDEV (Павел МЕДВЕДЕВ)
Cinematography : Aleksandr_2 GUSEV (Александр_2 ГУСЕВ)
Produced by : Vyacheslav TELNOV (Вячеслав ТЕЛЬНОВ)
Production : St Petersburg Documentary Film Studio

Plot synopsis
The heroes of this documentary are the children of the blockade and German soldiers, the Russian caretaker of a German cemetery and a prisoner of Buchenwald, a cleaner and partisan, a German bride who has lost her husband in the war, and the daughters of soldiers who went missing without trace. Everyone who was somehow affected by the Great Patriotic War.
The director only shows the faces of the heroes, and in voice over they tell their stories of events that took place 60 years ago.
The stories of the German and Russian heroes who lived through occupation, captivity, famine, and the death of their friends and families, prove to be similar in many ways in their tragedy. The film received the Viktor Astafiev prize “For loving-kindness towards ordinary people in the Great war” at the 16th international film festival of documentary, short feature and animated films, “Message to Man”.
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Selected in the following festivals :
- Saint Petersburg International Cine-Forum, St Petersburg (Russia), 2010