Russia, 2011, 26mn 
Igra po pravilam
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Игра по правилам


 Jeu suivant les règles

 Igra po pravilam

Directed by : Yelizaveta KANUNNIKOVA (Елизавета КАНУННИКОВА)
Production : VGIK

Plot synopsis
Metro. Work space and time at home. Meeting stations, departure trains. Loneliness in the crowd and an insignificant chance to discern your fate in this endless stream of faces. Artyom and Denis are colleagues and even friends, the sensitive and sedentary Denis is the complete opposite of the frivolous and impulsive Artyom. Each day they descend into the underground world of the metro, and Artyom begins his usual game: a fleeting glance, an accidental smile, and exceptional, if, of course, she exits at the same station ... Denis observes, he is skeptical about it. to such entertainments of his friend. He has had a girlfriend for a long time and such games are not for him. But one day Artyom meets Polina, and Denis comes into play.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Open Film Festival for students and beginners, Moscow (Russia), 2011