Aleksey GERMAN
Алексей ГЕРМАН
USSR, 1971, 97mn 
Black and white, fiction
Trial of the Road / Been proven on the roads
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Проверка на дорогах


 La Vérification

 Provyerka na dorogakh

Directed by : Aleksey GERMAN (Алексей ГЕРМАН)
Writing credits : Eduard VOLODARSKY (Эдуард ВОЛОДАРСКИЙ)
Nikolay BURLIAEV (Николай БУРЛЯЕВ)
Rolan BYKOV (Ролан БЫКОВ)
Viktor PAVLOV (Виктор ПАВЛОВ)
Vladimir ZAMANSKY (Владимир ЗАМАНСКИЙ)
Cinematography : Yakov SKLIANSKY (Яков СКЛЯНСКИЙ)
Production design : Valery YURKEVICH (Валерий ЮРКЕВИЧ)
Music : Isaac SCHWARTZ (Исаак ШВАРЦ)
Sound : Tigran SILAEV (Тигран СИЛАЕВ)
Production : Lenfilm
Release date in Russia : 1985
Sites : Allociné, page IMDb,
Release date in France : 1986-11-12, Site

Plot synopsis
Based on war stories by Yuri German. Alexander Lazarev, a former Red Army sergeant, finds himself in a German camp for prisoners of war. Lacking spirit, he agrees to collaborate with the Nazis. Later, regretting his cowardice, he joins a partisan detachment. There is a strong disagreement between the commander and the commissar of the detachment over Lazarev. Finally, the commander insists on giving Lazarev a chance: they will put him through the test in a reconnaissance operation scouting out the area roads.
The film was awarded the State Premium of the USSR (1988).

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