USSR, 1930, 83mn 
Black and white, silent, fiction
Prazdnik sviatovo Iorguena
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Праздник святого Йоргена


 La Fête de Saint Iorgen

 Prazdnik sviatovo Iorguena

Directed by : Yakov PROTAZANOV (Яков ПРОТАЗАНОВ)
Writing credits : Ilya ILF (Илья ИЛЬФ), Yevgeni PETROV (Евгений ПЕТРОВ), Yakov PROTAZANOV (Яков ПРОТАЗАНОВ)
Anatoli GORYUNOV (Анатолий ГОРЮНОВ)
Mikhail KLIMOV (Михаил КЛИМОВ)
Anatoli KTOROV (Анатолий КТОРОВ)
Vladimir URALSKY (Владимир УРАЛЬСКИЙ)
Cinematography : Piotr ERMOLOV (Пётр ЕРМОЛОВ)
Production design : Anatoli ARAPOV (Анатолий АРАПОВ), Vladimir BALLYUZEK (Владимир БАЛЛЮЗЕК), Sergey KOZLOVSKI (Сергей КОЗЛОВСКИЙ)
Sound : Nikolay OZORNOV (Николай ОЗОРНОВ)
Production : Mejrabpomfilm (Межрабпомфильм)
Restauration : sonorisation en 1935 par Protazanov.
Release date in Russia : 25/08/1930
Sites : IMDb, Kinopoisk

Plot synopsis
On the eve of a religious festival, the thief Korkis, who has just escaped from prison, and his accomplice Schultz find themselves in front of the temple and, seeing the wealth displayed by the mercantile monks, decide to steal the temple. Korkis enters there at night, but Schultz, pursued by the police, fails to come and open the doors as planned for Korkis to leave. The latter, taken by surprise on the morning of the festival where the faithful were already flocking, took church clothes and pretended to be Saint-Iorgen. But the commissioner recognizes him and denounces him to the superior. To confuse him, he asks him to perform a miracle. Korkis does so by treating a supposed lame man, who is in fact his accomplice Schultz. The fathers of the temple, who were disturbed by the presence of the new “saint”, convinced Korkis to leave for abroad after giving him “compensation” and a passport. Korkis leaves town with Schultz and takes the superior's daughter with him. ​

Commentaries and bibliography
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