2010, 30mn 
Colour, fiction
Moscow Paradise
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Москва Рай


 Moscou Paradis

 Moskva Ray

Directed by : Kirill MODYLEVSKY (Кирилл МОДЫЛЕВСКИЙ)
Writing credits : Kirill MODYLEVSKY (Кирилл МОДЫЛЕВСКИЙ)
Cinematography : Vyacheslav KRASAKOV (Вячеслав КРАСАКОВ)
Production design : Vladimir ULANOV (Владимир УЛАНОВ)
Music : Aleksandr BAKKHAUS (Александр БАКХАУС)
Produced by : Yekaterina POPECHITILEVA (Екатерина ПОПЕЧИТЕЛЕВА)
Other persons :
Cast : Maxim VELIKOZHEN (Максим ВЕЛИКОЖЕН), Alexander SOKOLOV (Александр СОКОЛОВ), Maryana SPIVAK (Марьяна СПИВАК), Ivan MAMONOV (Иван МАМОНОВ)

Plot synopsis
The action takes place in distant 1980. An ordinary 12-years pupil Vovka comes on a school trip to Moscow – the city of his dreams. He doesn’t know that this city as the other big cities could be cruel. The accidental meeting with an old woman gives Vovka an opportunity to show his kindness. His sincere belief in his dream saves him at the meeting with a black marketeer. The boy returns home alive and safe, everything ended well but something has changed in these children’s eyes, looking at us in the final of the film.
Author of the film

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2010