Kinopravda 1 - 8
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Киноправда 1 - 8


 Kinopravda 1 - 8

 Kinopravda 1 - 8

Directed by : Dziga VERTOV (Дзига ВЕРТОВ)

Plot synopsis
«KINO-PRAVDA» №1, 1922, 8 min.
Preparation of the plane for start-up, Red Cross plane takes off. Hand out of lunch to street children. Representatives of Pomgola (Famine Relief) Central Committee examine confiscated church values and draw inventories. Construction of the factory and oil derricks. Demonstration near Vindavsky station in Moscow in support of right socialist-revolutionaries.

«KINO-PRAVDA» №2, 1922,7 min. 45 sec.
Meeting on the occasion of Kashirskaya powerstation opening. On the tribune are A.I. Rykov, A.S. Yenukidze, V.V.Schmidt. P.A. Bogdanov, A.S. Yenukidze and A.I. Rykov take the floor. Participants of the meeting listen to their speeches. Treat for the workers. Participants drink tea at the big table. Military wind band is playing. The children swing on the swings. The trial on right socialist-revolutionaries. House of Unions. Defendants, associate justices, prosecutors and advocates enter the building. Among them: Konoplyova, Semenov, Tager, Ratner, Galkin, NAKrylenko, A.V.Lunacharsky, T.Libkneht, K.Rosenfeld. A courtroom. The defendants stand. The board of justices sit behind desks. The Members of Supreme Tribunal sit at the table. G.L.Pjatakov pleads.

«KINO-PRAVDA» №3, 1922, 5 min 25 sec.
At the trial of socialist-revolutionaries: the Supreme tribunal sitting, discussion meeting of defenders. There are some foreign defenders on the sitting: E.Vandervelde, K.Rosenfeld and others. Defendants talk to defenders.
Meeting on Red Square. The columns of demonstrators go along Red Square with banners. G.L.Pjatakov, N.V.Krylenko, N.I.Bukharin make the speeches.

«KINO-PRAVDA» №4, 1922, 6 min. 50 sec.
Moscow. The trial on left socialist-revolutionaries. The Members of Supreme Tribunal, prosecutors. The advocate Muravieva makes a pleading. Among those present are N.V. Krylenko and A.V.Lunacharsky. Airmobile rally "Moscow-Sevastopol — Moscow». Aeromobile at the start and on its way. Moscow. Delivery of bread to starving areas by barges. Loading of bags onto the barges.
Sochi. A resort «The Caucasian Riviera*. Premises, resort area, beach. Ancient fortress ruins. The vacationers.
Tuapse. Outdoor cafe. Men around small tables are playing backgammon.

«KINO-PRAVDA» №5, 1922, 5 min. 55 sec.
The commissioner of agriculture V.Yakovenko during expedition across Siberia talks to peasants. Tilling by plow and by tractor.
Sochi. Sanatorium «The Caucasian Riviera». Buildings, park territory, vacationers.
Anapa. Sanatorium of doctor Budinsky. The vacationers take medical seances. Gelendzhik. Treatment of children in children's sanatorium on the cape Solntsedar.
Moscow. «Red Derby» at Moscow hippodrome. Horse heats, public on the tribunes, the winners.

«KINO-PRAVDA» №6, 1922, 4 min. 35 sec.
The tram after the accident at Zamoskvoretsky bridge. Workers in the workshops of 1st motor and armor factory. Armored units of the Red Army on tactical training exercise.

«KINO-PRAVDA» №7, 1922, 8 min. 15 sec.
Moscow. The Supreme tribunal sitting on the case of Usov who was assigned to kill V.I. Lenin. Usov gives evidence. Among those present are: G.L.Pjatakov, And. V.Lunacharsky. Siberia. Village Taseevo. Houses burnt by troops of V.Kolchak. Construction of households. Lake Baikal. Railway station Slyudyanka. Micaceous deposit. Sochi. The botanical garden (Khudyakov's park). Blossoming trees. Tuapse. Vacationers toast on a beach and bathe in the sea. Persia. A city of Enzeli. Loading of silk for the Baku fair. Afghanistan. The city of Kabul. A market. Celebrations of a religious holiday of Uraza. Caucasus. The sight of village Krasnaya Polyana (Red glade).

«KINO-PRAVDA» №8, 1922,10 min. 25 sec.
The participants of judical trial over socialist-revolutionaries are in a courtroom of Supreme Tribunal. The prosecutors are M.N.Pokrovsky, V.Lunacharsky, N.V. Krylenko, the defenders N.I.Bukharin and F.Y. Kon are on a tribune. Billposter fixes on a board a newspaper with the text of the decision of Presidium of АН-Russian General Executive Committee (VTSIK) on the case of right socialist-revolutionaries. The group of men examines fragments of aeroplane after the crash on Khodynskoye field in Moscow. Workers do restoration works of Moscow tram line, section «Moscow — village Vakhvjatskoye». Passengers go in a tram along one of Moscow streets. Tractor and tank perform ramming works at Khodynskiy airdrome.

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