Sharunas BARTAS
Шарунас БАРТАС
Sharunas BARTAS
USSR (Lithuania), 1991, 75mn 
Colour, fiction
Three Days
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Три дня


 Trois jours

 Tri dnya

Other titles : Trys dienos (original title)
Directed by : Sharunas BARTAS (Шарунас БАРТАС)
Writing credits : Sharunas BARTAS (Шарунас БАРТАС)
Yekaterina GOLUBEVA (Екатерина ГОЛУБЕВА)
Music : Sharunas BARTAS (Шарунас БАРТАС)
Other persons :
Cinematography : Vladas NAUDZIUS
Production : Kinema
Language lithuanian

Plot synopsis
In Kaliningrad two Lithuanian boys meet two Russian girls. They have difficulties in finding places where they can sleep together. But this is the only problem they do solve. All four justly feel miserable because their lives are meaningless (the recurrent dull and poorly kept house façads could well be taken as a comparative symbol). In addition, everyone is so absorbed by his or her own distress and hardly capable of bothering about the anguish of the others. The three days end with a pervasive lack of contact.
Written by Max Scharnberg, Stockholm, Sweden, IMDb

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- International Festival of Contemporary Cinema «Zavtra / 2morrow», Moscow (Russia), 2010