Алексей ШИШОВ
Russia, 2009, 53mn 
The Whisper of Kristallnacht
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Шепот Хрустальной ночи


 Le Murmure de Kristallnacht

 Shopot Khrustalnoy nochi

Directed by : Aleksey SHISHOV (Алексей ШИШОВ)

Plot synopsis
The film tells of the tragic events of the Fall of 1938, when during the night of November 9th, Jewish houses, stores, and synagogues were violently attacked in Germany. Women and elders were killed, men were arrested and sent to concentration camps. This well-organized pogrom by the Third Reich, personally orchestrated by Hitler and Goebbels, was called "Kristallnacht" - Crystal Night. Crystal Night was the first open act of Nazi violence towards Jews and the starting point of the Holocaust - the systematic destruction of 6 million Jews in Europe. The film was made in Germany, USA, and Israel. It is composed of unique archival footage from Western archives and museums, witness accounts and commentary by German historians.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Annual Independent Russian-American Documentary Film Festival in New York​ (Tribeca), New York (USA), 2010